2008/08/30 20:15 Software::Linux

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# tar xvf seatools_cli.tar
# ./st -l

Drive information:

/dev/sg0 ATA      ST380021A        3.05 156301487 blocks

# ./st -i /dev/sg0
        Vendor = ATA
        Product = ST380021A
        Version = 3.05
        Serial Number =
        Copyright =
        SCSI Firmware = t
        Servo RAM Release = 9
        Servo ROM Release = !5v
        Servo RAM Date = �
        Servo ROM Date = E

        Blocksize = 512, Highblock = 156301487, Capacity = 78151 MB
        -this is a Seagate drive
        -this drive does not support DST
        -Mode Page Settings [current value (default)]:
                -WCE bit = 1 (0)
                -RCD bit = 0 (0)
                -AWRE bit = 1 (0)
                -ARRE bit = 0 (0)
                -DExcpt bit = 0 (0)
                -Number of cache segments = 0 (0)

Usage: SeaTools Enterprise [-option][variable][device]
        Allowed options are:
        -l  list all attached SCSI disks
        -i  display drive Inquiry information
        -I  display drive Inquiry information for all SCSI devices
        -t ###  execute ###% (10% - 100%) short Drive Self Test (DST)
                ex: st -t 10 /dev/sga   execute 10 % of the short Drive Self Test (DST)
        -T ###  execute ###% (10% - 100%) long Drive Self Test (DST)
                ex: st -T 20 /dev/sga   execute 20 % of the long Drive Self Test (DST)
        -s  stop Drive Self Test (DST)
        -g ### execute ###% (1-% - 100%) generic short test for legacy & non-Seagate drives
                ex: st -g 10 /dev/sga    execute 10 % of the short legacy test
        -G  generic long test (sequential verify test of entire drive)
        -r  generate Seagate RMA form
        -v  show Seatools version and licence agreement

example: ./st -i /dev/sga  displays inquiry for /dev/sga

Advanced options (some cause data loss):

        -Marg Drive Preferences (mode page) change
         Note: Use -i INQUIRY option to display the supported & current settings.

                Performance Mode (PM)
                        -Mpmon/off desktop/server PM bit
                Write Cache Enable (WCE)
                        -Mwceon/off  set/clear WCE bit
                Read Cache Disable (RCD)
                        -Mrcdon/off  set/clear RCD bit
                Just In Time (JIT)
                        -Mjitdefault set all JIT bits, factory default
                        -Mjit1on set only JIT bit 1, clears any others
                        -Mjit2on set only JIT bit 2, clears any others
                Automatic Write Rallocation Enable (AWRE)
                        -Mawreon/off  enable/disable AWRE bit
                Automatic Read Rallocation Enable (ARRE)
                        -Marreon/off  enable/disable ARRE bit
                Disable Exception Control (DExcpt, SMART logging)
                        -Mdexon/off  disable/enable DExcpt bit
                Disable Loop Master (DLM, fibre channel only)
                        -Mdlmon/off  disable/enable DLM bit
                Disable Target Oriented Loop Initialization  (DTOLI, fibre channel only)
                        -Mdtolion/off  disable/enable DTOLI bit
                Number of Cache Segments
                        -Mcache#  set # cache segments
                ex: -Mcache8 set # of cache segments to 8
        -F  default low-level scsi format

        Usage: [-option] [variable] [device]
        -d file  firmware download
                ex: st -d fwfile /dev/sga  download firmware file fwfile into /dev/sga
        -C ### capacity change
                ex: -C 1234567890 set high blocks to 1234567890 (zero based)
                ex: -C max change capacity to factory maximum
        -B ### sector size change followed by a format
                ex: -B 1024 change to 1024 bytes/sector
# hdparm -tT /dev/sda

 Timing cached reads:   288 MB in  2.02 seconds = 142.85 MB/sec
 Timing buffered disk reads:  102 MB in  3.02 seconds =  33.76 MB/sec